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Interviewing Tips

Interviewing Tips

  • Research the company in advance. Call and ask for public information, go to the library, read newspaper, ask people you know who work there about the company, etc.
  • Establish a friendly rapport with the interviewer—smile, shake hands, visit...
  • Be prepared to respond to: "Tell me a little bit about yourself."
  • Give at least three (3) good reasons why you should get the job. For example, "During high school, I had perfect attendance." "My co-workers say that I am an excellent programmer, and that they can rely on me to get things done promptly." "My previous employer felt that my work was exemplary and offered me a supervisory position, which I held until we relocated to this community with my husband's/wife's company."
  • Have at least one (1) job-related question. For example, "Will you be my immediate supervisor?" "Do you know on what platform your company's computers run?" "Does your company use proprietary software or software that is commercially available?"
  • Have a prepared functional disability statement. Focus on your ability to do the job.
  • Be prepared to respond to an interviewer's disability-related questions. Provide honest information and be prepared to demonstrate tools you use to perform job tasks or provide information about the availability of assistive devices that would enable you to perform competitively.
  • Thank your interviewer (by name) for his/her time. Find out the next step in the hiring process. Ask if you can check back and if so, when?
  • Follow up (thank-you note, telephone inquiries, visits) but don't be a pest! If you don't get the job, ask for referrals to other, similar positions.
  • Document for your files: where you interviewed, with whom you interviewed, when you interviewed, how and when to check back on your status in the hiring process—write it all down! Consider using My CareerConnect's accessible online calendar to keep track of appointments and follow-up items. Good luck!

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College Bound: A Guide for Students with Visual Impairments, 2nd Edition

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