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CareerConnect Mentors in the News

Below are media articles featuring AFB CareerConnect® mentors who share their views about themselves, their work, their interests, and living with vision loss.

WKU Professor Receives Distinguished Service Award
CareerConnect Mentor, Dr. Ron Milliman, professor of marketing at WKU, awarded with the 2011 James R. Olsen Distinguished Service Award by the American Council of the Blind (ACB)
WKU News
Bowling Green, KY

Riding Past the Disability — Blind Woman Rides Horse In Competition
The long held dream of riding horseback and even competing recently came true for Michelle Douglas. Not seeing the stable, competition ring or even her beloved horse, Valentine, kept this CareerConnect Mentor out of the ring.
by Brooks Jarosz
Putnam County, WV

Blind Ambition: Tim Cordes one of the few sightless doctors in the country
Thirteen years ago, CareerConnect mentor Tim Cordes was knocking on a lot of closed doors trying to have medical schools seriously consider him as a candidate for admittance. So the fact that a book is coming out by the Association of American Medical Colleges designed to guide medical schools in accommodating students with disabilities is tremendous progress.
The Cap Times

Blind Potter: A Talented Potter, With An Inspiring Story
Watch fine functional pottery being created by CareerConnect mentor Marcia Springston. Though totally blind, Marcia's skill and creativity get her work shown and sought after throughout the U.S. and Canada.
WCHS TV Eyewitness News

The Role of People with Disabilities in U.S. Foreign Policy - Transformational Diplomacy in Action
Enjoy an address by Avraham Rabby, a retired blind Foreign Service Officer, delivered on the occasion of Disability Employment Awareness Month in Washington, D.C.
Vital Speeches of the Day
by Avraham Rabby

First of Its Kind Study Reveals Performance of Workers with Disabilities as Good as Co-workers
CareerConnect Mentor and Executive Director of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Disabilityworks program, Karen McCulloh, involved in this important initiative.
Chicago Tribune
by Barbara Rose

Seattle Lighthouse CEO and CareerConnect mentor, Kirk Adams, Helps Make History
The Seattle Lighthouse hires its first blind Chief Executive Officer and President in its 90-year history.
Seattle Times
by Nancy Bartley

Legally Blind WHOI Scientist Inspires Kids
Oceanographer and CareerConnect mentor, Amy Bower, sees a bright future for visually impaired students who dream of a career in science.
Cape Cod Times
by Aaron Gouveia

After Shaking Off Disabled Status, Blind Nurse Breaks Ground
Groundbreaker Karen McCulloh, a long-time CareerConnect mentor and founder of the National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities, refused to give up her career and now heads Illinois workforce effort.
Chicago Tribune
by Barbara Rose

Oakland Plant Supports Visually Impaired
Incoming Lighthouse Board President and CareerConnect mentor, Gil Johnson, comments on Oakland Plant's Support of Visually Impaired Workers
by David Louie

A U.S. Diplomat With an Extraordinary Global View
First blind United States diplomat retires after a successful career in the Foreign Service, read his exciting story here.
New York Times
by Marc Lacey

Blind Bike Repairman Celebrates 27 Years On The Job
An accident at age 24 left Ken Bukowski blind, but his spirit and strong work ethic remained.
WGRZ Buffalo
by Heather Ly

Ingredients for Independence
CareerConnect mentor and popular deli cook and waitress, Brooke Demaree, moves from fridge to frying pan as she stops at the stove to stir her homemade soup for the Madison Apothecary's growing lunch bunch.
The Madison Courier
by Pat Whitney

Follow A Dream Race Team
Wynn's, a company with a long, rich racing heritage decides to sponsor the Follow a Dream team of race car mechanic, pit crew chief and CareerConnect mentor, Jay Blake.
Azusa, CA

Blind Mechanic
It takes skill to work on a car, knowing the ins and outs of an engine and how to find and fix problems, but imagine doing it with your eyes closed.
KVAL - Eugene, OR
By Dana Rebik

For First Time, Seeing Eye Graduate Will Serve as Its President
CareerConnect Mentor, James A. Kutsch, Jr. named as new President of the prestigious dog guide school, The Seeing Eye.
Seeing Eye Newsletter

One of the First Blind Doctors in her Field
Blind medical student reaches her ultimate goal! Chris L. Cooke will become one of the first totally blind doctors in the US with a specialty in naturopathic medicine.
Freedom Scientific

Unique Communications Worker Often Uses Braille
The man keeping an "eye" on the roads for the WV Division of Highways District 8 can't actually see.
The Inter-Mountain
By Ben Simmons

Interview with Barry Ginley
The Art Education for the Blind and the Metropolitan Museum of Art were very pleased to host Barry Ginley as one of the speakers at its conference on "Art Beyond Sight: Multi-Modal Approaches to Learning."
Art Education for the Blind
Nina Levent, Associate Director, AEB

A Zeal for Writing
Being blind hasn't stopped this attorney from arguing before courts at the state, district and appellate level as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.
Oregon State Bar Bulletin
By Melody Finnemore

Blind biologist finds clues to human societies in shells.
National Public Radio
By Richard Harris

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