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Just for Fun!

Welcome to the newest place on CareerConnect where you can gain the edge in competitive employment by having fun. We spend so much of our time focusing on our careers — What is best for us? Are we where we want to be? Or do we need to change careers? What about the rest of the day and the weekend? Research shows that leisure time is something we require as much as food or sleep, to stay healthy and sane. If we actively participate in something just for fun, we usually gain a sense of accomplishment and greater self-confidence. We become better communicators because we want to talk about our hobby or sport or other fun pursuit. If our fun activity is a sport, physical fitness is its own reward. Just being outdoors after a day in the office can make us happier and more interesting company.

We contacted the mentors on our listserv and asked, "Does anyone have a story he or she is willing to share about a recreational activity or sport?" It turns out the answer is a resounding, "Yes!" So please enjoy as we share their stories in our new CareerConnect section, Just for Fun!

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