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Dog Guides

Dog guides are carefully trained service animals used as travel tools by people who are blind.

  • Dog guides and their masters undergo rigorous training to work safely and effectively as a team.

  • People who are blind are responsible for the health and well being of their dog guides at all times.

  • Dog guides should always be kept under control by their masters.

  • Dog guide users are trained to relieve their dogs regularly and to clean up after their dogs.

  • Dog guides work most effectively with persons who have very little vision. It is likely that most of the dog guide users you will meet are totally blind.

  • Dog guides move only in response to directions from their masters. They disobey commands only to avoid danger.

  • Concentration is essential when a person travels with a dog guide. Petting, feeding, or distracting a dog guide disrupts concentration and can cause serious danger.

  • Public and private organizations are required to admit dog guides and all service animals into their facilities.

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