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Recreation is an essential part of everyone's life, though how it's defined and experienced varies widely from person to person. For some it is doing something physically challenging and potentially dangerous; for others it's lolling on the beach reading a favorite author's new novel, or going to a concert, or planting a vegetable garden. That urge to do something for the personal pleasure of it doesn't disappear with the onset of vision problems. There are very few things that you can't continue to enjoy despite visual impairment. For instance:

  • Hobbies such as knitting, crocheting, pottery, woodworking

  • Games such as bridge, bingo, Scrabble, chess, Monopoly, checkers

  • Outdoor activities like running, swimming, bicycling

You might have to make some adjustments to compensate for limited vision but don't assume that the sports, games, and hobbies you've enjoyed are beyond your reach now. This section explores a range of recreational activities that may surprise you and outlines techniques for participating in them.

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