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AccessNote 1.2 Release Notes

AccessNote has been updated to version 1.2! This new version contains many bug fixes and several important enhancements. We want to take the opportunity to thank our users for supporting the development of AccessNote. We want AccessNote to be the best notetaker on the iOS platform, and are committed to adding features and improvements until mainstream notetaking apps become as efficient for VoiceOver users as AccessNote. We have many more features planned for release in the coming months!

We have set up a new email address for comments, questions, and suggestions regarding AccessNote. Please email for all of your AccessNote related inquiries!

Download AccessNote at the App Store here:

Features and enhancements

  1. AccessNote has been optimized for iOS7, which corrects some bugs and gives AccessNote the iOS7 look and feel.
  2. You can now import BRF files and interact with them as you would with any other note. Note: You will need a braille display to read and edit BRF files because VoiceOver will not interpret the Grade 2 symbols properly.
  3. The find function within a note has been completely overhauled. The find command now launches a search bar where the user can enter their search string. The search bar can be closed by clicking the "Cancel" button to the right of the search bar text field. After the search has been performed, the search bar remains on the screen and you can navigate the results using any of the following methods:
    • "Next" and "Previous" buttons, which appear when the search bar is open, at the bottom of the screen or above the On Screen keyboard
    • The keystrokes "Option + comma" or "Option + period" move previous and next, respectively.
    • When focused in the note text field, three finger swipe upwards to move forward in the search results and three finger swipe downwards to move backward through search results.

Bug Fixes

  1. When you perform a search from the All Notes screen and activate one of the search results, the Find search bar is opened and you are placed at the first instance of your search string. For example, if you searched for "dog" and activated one of the notes that appeared in the search results, you would be placed at the first instance of the word "dog" with the Find search bar open and ready to navigate between results.
  2. It is now possible to completely disable the device tilt sensitivity. You can do this by lowering the sensitivity in the Settings menu until it indicates "Tilt Disabled."
  3. The About AccessNote page has been composed in HTML and also provides much more information including a point of contact for the AccessNote developers (
  4. The User Guide is now stored on your device so that an Internet connection is not required to view it. When the User Guide is launched, the device will check for an Internet connection and update the User Guide if a new version is found.
  5. AccessNote now saves your note when the app is moved to the background, which prevents data loss when the app is closed using the app switcher.
  6. It is now possible to disable the QWERTY and Braille keystrokes from the settings menu. The option is a switch button labeled "Keystrokes" on the main Settings screen.
  7. Other minor bugs have also been corrected.

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