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Resources for Adults New to Vision Loss

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) understands that information is power. We are committed to connecting people to life-changing information, resources, local services, and a vibrant and supportive community.

That’s why AFB launched VisionAware—which as of July 1, will be stewarded by the American Printing House for the Blind—a free, comprehensive resource for basic information about adjusting to vision loss, including tips for adapting your home and daily living. Adults who are losing their sight, their families, caregivers, healthcare providers, and social service professionals will all find rich content and practical tips on living with vision loss.

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Recommended Links from VisionAware

The Twenty-First Century Agenda on Aging and Vision Loss

The Twenty-First Century Agenda on Aging and Vision Loss—facilitated by the American Foundation for the Blind—is a dynamic, nationwide collaboration that has already started yielding results by bringing together the most significant national stakeholder organizations and experts. This coalition is committed to raising awareness, facilitating increased and improved services, and protecting and promoting the rights of seniors with vision loss to lives of enjoyment, inclusion, and independence.

Learn more about the Twenty-First Century Agenda on Aging and Vision Loss by visiting the following links on

For more information about Americans of all ages with vision loss, visit "Statistical Snapshots from the American Foundation for the Blind."

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