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Practice Perspectives

Many JVIB readers have asked for more information to guide them in their work with people who are blind or visually impaired. In direct response to those readers, JVIB initiated a section entitled Practice Perspectives. Directed by the journal's associate editor for practice, Dr. Jane N. Erin of the University of Arizona, the column spotlights the knowledge and experiences of professionals who work in a variety of settings with people who are visually impaired.

The emphasis of this feature is on strategies and approaches that have worked well for others, and practicing professionals will have the opportunity to read and share information on the way in which they and other professionals are approaching the same issues, situations, and challenges they experience on a daily basis. The concept for Dr. Jane Erin's new Practice Perspectives column was described to readers in an introductory essay that appeared in the November 2008 issue of JVIB. As each new Practice Perspectives column is available, it will be included on this page.

March-April 2015

Maximizing Feedback to Promote Independence in Individuals Who are Visually Impaired
Jane N. Erin

Teaching Two Critical Locomotor Skills to Children Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision
Amaury Samalot-Rivera, Lauren J. Lieberman, and Pamela Haibach

A New Synthesis of Sound and Tactile Music Code Instruction in a Pilot Online Braille Music Curriculum
Virginia A. Jacko, Jin Ho Choi, Audrey Carballo, Brian Charlson, and J. Elton Moore

January-February 2015

Different Paths to Success: An Individualized Approach to Effective Teaching
Jane N. Erin

A Student Success Story Through the Use of an Individualized Meaning-centered Approach to Braille Literacy (I-M-ABLE)
Jill McMillan

Individualized Meaning-centered Approach to Braille Literacy Education (I-M-ABLE) Case Study: Ajay's Story
Rachel Anne Schles

iStimulation: Apple iPad Use with Children Who Are Visually Impaired, Including Those with Multiple Disabilities
Laura V. Campana and Donald A. Ouimet

November-December 2014

Building on Existing Resources to Create New Learning Options for Students with Visual Impairments
Jane N. Erin

A Brief History of How and Why the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Developed Its Diversified Model of Service Delivery
William Daugherty

The Guys Group: Navigating the Terrain of Adult Life Using Aspects of the Expanded Core Curriculum
Jim Blackshear

Meeting the Expectations of the Workplace in the Schoolplace
Jerry Miller

Separated by a Driveway: Collaboration between Two State Specialized Schools to Assess Students with Deafblindness
Katie A. Smith and Stephanie Herlich

Braille Training for Blindness Professionals at The Hadley School for the Blind
Christie Gilson

July-August 2014

Interdisciplinary Planning and Universal Design
Jane N. Erin

Designing for People with Visual Impairments
Susan Chu Foxlin

March-April 2014

Adaptation of a Reading Program to Meet the Needs of Braille Readers
Jane N. Erin

Adaptation of the Wilson Reading System for Braille Readers
Roz Rowley, Mary McCarthy, and Justine Carlone Rines

November-December 2013

Working Toward Employment: Preparing for Tomorrow and Beyond
Jane N. Erin

Activities to Encourage Employability Skills in Middle Childhood
Natalie Kaine and Rebecca Kent

A Team Approach for the Transition to Middle School and Beyond for a Young Man Who Is Deafblind and Gifted
Craig L. Phillips, Jeri L. Hile, and Traci L. Jardes

May-June 2013

How Early Intervention Services Became Available in South Florida: A Story for the Silver Screen?
Jane N. Erin

Blind Babies Play Program: A Model for Affordable, Sustainable Early Childhood Literacy Intervention through Play and Socialization
Virginia A. Jacko, Roxann Mayros, Carol Brady-Simmons, Isabel Chica, and J. Elton Moore

March-April 2013

You Too Can Be an Author: A New Way of Making a Difference
Jane N. Erin

Radio Broadcasting and Schools for the Blind: Existing Programs and Fledgling Student- run Station at the Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind
Diane Raab Shifflett

October-November 2012

Technology in Practice: New Paths to Efficiency
Jane N. Erin

Using Real-Life Experiences to Teach Computer Concepts
Alexis Read

How A Braille Contest Serendipitously Accelerated the Use of Digital Audio Players
Nancy Niebrugge

A Free Program for Using and Teaching An Accessible Electronic Wayfinding Device
Maya Delgado Greenberg and Jerry Kuns

September 2012

Time to listen: The Effects of a Structured Listening Program on Cognition and Movement
Jane N. Erin

Using Auditory Stimulation with Students at Lavelle School for the Blind
Romana Villasenor and Kareen Vargas-Colon

June 2012

Behind the Scenes: Learning and Innovation through Participation in Theater Performances
Jane N. Erin

Putting it Together: Musical Theater and Literacy for Children with Visual Impairments
Lisa C. Okikawa

May 2012

Looking to the Future: What Do Young Blind Children Learn When Traveling with Dogs?
Jane N. Erin

A Perspective on Teaching Early Harness Travel to Young Blind Children Using Children's Visual Companion Dogs
Mary J. Tellefson

September 2011

Making the Transition from Student with Visual Impairment to Teacher with Visual Impairment
Jane N. Erin

The Marker Is Empty: Lessons Learned from the Student-Teaching Experience of an Individual Who Is Visually Impaired
Thomas Oren and Maria McLeod

May 2011

How Ditching the School Van in Favor of the City Bus Created Endless Learning Opportunities for a Class of Visually Impaired Students with Multiple Disabilities
Jane N. Erin

Becoming Commuters: Teaching Students Traveling to Work Using Public Transportation
Jake Feinberg

March 2011

Putting Theory into Practice: Two Teachers' Experiences with Wormsley's Meaning-Centered Approach to Braille Literacy
Jane N. Erin

Sarah's Story: Using the Individualized Meaning-centered Approach to Braille Literacy Education (I-M-ABLE)
Amy Frank Campbell

I-M-ABLE: A Pathway to Literacy
Vicki Rooke D'Aurizio

April 2010

Practice Perspectives: Talking Turkey about Concept Development
Jane N. Erin

Turkey: Teaching about North America's Greatest Conservation Story with Children with Visual Impairments
Tiffany Wild

January 2010

Musically Speaking: Exploring Music Instruction with Teachers of Students Who Are Visually Impaired—Jane N. Erin

Noisemakers to Music Makers: Developing a School Band for Students Who Are Visually Impaired—Rick Coates

Finding the Opportunity to Teach Music to Students Who Are Visually Impaired—Jennifer Wheeler

February 2009

The Case of the Reluctant Reader: Insights from Three Professionals—Jane N. Erin

This column includes:

  • Creating an Environment for Success, by Lisa Kay Serino
  • Teaching a Reluctant Adult Reader: A Case Study, by Charla Rose Houston
  • Motivation Through Preferred Activities, by Trina R. Britcher

November 2008

A New Perspective for Professionals in Practice—Jane N. Erin

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