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As Technology Advances, So Does Accessibility

AccessWorld® Highlights New Improvements And First-Time Opportunities For People With Disabilities

NEW YORK (November 3, 2004)—Technology today evolves faster than we can keep up with it. Roadblocks still exist, but as the November issue of AccessWorld®: Technology and People with Visual Impairments points out, each innovation brings with it improved access and opportunity for people with disabilities.

Since AccessWorld's first report on cell phones two years ago, when there were virtually no accessible products on the market, the publication has dutifully followed and reviewed all advances and developments in cell phone usability. In "Now They're Talking! A Review of Two Cell-Phone-Based Screen Readers," AccessWorld happily reports on two new screen readers that provide improved access to many features of current top-of-the-line cell phones.

The 2004 Presidential election is coming to end, and while the debate over verified paper trails is likely to continue and intensify for years to come, this year's election marks a formidable milestone for accessible voting. Reforms in technology and legislation have made it possible for thousands of people with disabilities to vote independently. AccessWorld's article, "To Vote or Not To Vote Is Not The Question," highlights the efforts that have been made and the work that still lies ahead to make accessible voting a reality in every county and every state in America.

Global positioning satellite (GPS) technology has enormous potential for assisting people who are visually impaired, and "Getting From Point A to Point B: A Review of Two GPS Systems" reviews two new products that are greatly enhancing navigation for people with disabilities. Additionally, "Geocaching: A 'Treasured' Experience With GPS," includes a report on a July 2004 competitive treasure hunt at the National Federation of the Blind's convention in Atlanta that involved the newest GPS navigation tools.

Other topics in the November issue of AccessWorld include tips on how to purchase a braille display and an evaluation of TADI, a talking personal digital assistant from Variscite. All current and archived AccessWorld articles can be found at

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