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Proclamation of Helen Keller Day by Arthur G. Ellington, Mayor, Annapolis, Maryland (June 7, 1960)

Transcription of Proclamation

Arthur G. Ellington, Mayor
[End of Letterhead]


WHEREAS, Helen Keller will celebrate her eightieth birthday on June 27, 1960, and

WHEREAS, this remarkable woman, stricken deaf and blind in infancy, has for nearly 60 years tirelessly devoted herself to the battle for economic, cultural and social advancement of the blind and deafblind throughout the World, making her conquest of disabilities a symbol of hope for millions; and

WHEREAS, in her long and faithful association with the American Foundation for Overseas Blind, she has traveled throughout the world; and

WHEREAS, in all these travels she has inspired immeasurable progress in the services to the blind and the deaf-blind, and has won countless new friends for the United States of America and the cause of democracy.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Arthur G. Ellington, Mayor of the City of Annapolis, Maryland, do hereby resolve that appropriate recognition be made by this city of the vast contributions of Miss Helen Keller to the well being of all humanity; and

that Sunday, June 26th, 1960 the day before the birthday of Miss Helen Keller, be designated as


in honor of this great and noble American lady, and I bid all our citizens to join communities throughout all parts of the globe observing her 80th birthday.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand as Mayor, and caused the Seal of the City of Annapolis to be affixed this 7th day of June, 1960.

Arthur G. Ellington

Katherine S. Russell
City Clerk.

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