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Download the American Foundation for the Blind Accessible Video Player, Version 1.1

Developed by AFB, this fully accessible, embedded video player with HTML5 controls includes the following features:

  • Controls are labeled with text and include keyboard commands, so they work with any kind of assistive technology, and can also be used with a mouse
  • Can be used as an embedded YouTube player or as a standard player.
  • Closed-caption on/off controls
  • Custom control layout supports English and Spanish languages

The player is now available under a General Public License version 3 to any organization or developer who wants to make it easy for people who are blind or visually impaired to play videos online, something that can be fraught with accessibility challenges. We are pleased to announce that Version 1.1 introduced on/off controls for closed-captioned videos. Here's a short form to complete in order to download the American Foundation for the Blind Accessible Video Player files and instructions for installing it on your website.

Transcript of Video

Voice Over: Crista Earl, Director, AFB Web Services, describes the AFB Accessible Player.

Crista Earl: One of the problems with video in general on the internet is players are not all accessible and people have trouble getting to the controls with the keyboard on some of them. Some of them, if you have low vision you can't tell what's what. They're just little gray patches. All kinds of issues with the player.

So, we created an accessible player using HTML5 technology so that it would work with a lot of platforms, works with lots of browsers and cross-platform whether you are using a Mac or a PC, whether you're using a mobile device. And, it has this great change colors so if your website has a color scheme, a high contrast color scheme or various high contrast color schemes, the player will change with your website. So, users with low vision can make the controls more visible and users who use screen readers can find the controls easily.

We added keyboard shortcuts so in the middle of the video if you want to pause it, you can just hit the key command. It varies slightly from browser to browser to pause the video. You can make it full-screen or make it small on the page. the user has that option. So, we really think we put in a lot of nice features to make playing videos easy, fun, and took all the hassle away from the user. And, a lot of hassle away from the web designer, too. You don't have to build your own player. Now, your job is to make accessible content and put it in the player.

Voice Over: What are the current and future plans for the AFB Accessible Player?

So, of course we're using it on our site. We started rolling it out on new videos. So, anytime we are putting up something new we use the new player. But also, we are making available for download. You can get it from Actually, if you go to, I think that's correct, there's a page that describes it, you can get instructions, and download the player to put on your website.

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