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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

AFB Consulting Partnerships

AFB Consulting forges partnerships with a number of institutions, organizations, researchers, and technology trendsetters to promote universal design. Ensuring that all products are usable to people with disabilities requires the cooperation of many different groups in a variety of contexts all over the country.

AT&T, Verizon, and Sony Ericsson have sought AFB Consulting's help in making some of their popular cell phones more accessible to people with disabilities. When Adobe Systems recognized that people experiencing vision loss were having difficulties reading and creating documents in its popular Portable Document Format (PDF) software, the company turned to AFB Consulting for a solution. AFB Consulting has also worked with AOL, Apple, several diabetes technology manufacturers, assistive technology manufacturers, and a major supplier of internet telephony equipment to address accessibility issues. Voting equipment manufacturers have integrated the results of AFB Consulting's research into designs for accessible voting machines.

AFB Consulting encourages anyone interested in the latest technological advances in accessibility to contact its expert research staff with any questions or ideas—however large or small.

AFB Consulting's solutions expand markets by maximizing the accessibility and usability of products, services, websites, and intranets for people with disabilities—54 million people in the United States alone.

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New! Orientation and Mobility Techniques, Second EditionNew! Orientation and Mobility Techniques, Second Edition

New! Orientation and Mobility Techniques, Second Edition

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