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What Should Professionals Do to Help Parents Teach Social Skills?

Mary Ann Siller Listen to Mary Ann Siller's advice to professionals on how they can help parents teach social skills.


I'm Mary Ann Siller. I'm the national project manager for the American Foundation for the Blind in our professional development department. I'm part of the Center on Vision Loss in Dallas, Texas.

What do you believe professionals should do to help parents teach, and reinforce the teaching of the expanded core curriculum?

I feel the inclusion of the expanded core curriculum in a child's educational program is strengthened by a parent/professional collaboration. We know that the nine areas of the expanded core hold the key to a world of endless possibilities for our children with visual impairments, and the expanded core curriculum will provide a strong educational foundation for the child to take through their adult life.

This partnership that we have as a parent/professional is important, and we salute that lifelong learning journey. And the collaboration among teachers and families and communities in teaching children with visual impairments is keeping the eye on that flow of information and the importance of sharing information among one another.

It really does take a village to raise children, and we can't bring a child to maturity without that partnership of the education, world, and the family and the community.

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