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Working with Vocational Rehabilitation Clients

Professionals who work with children, youth, and adults who are blind or visually impaired all play roles in helping them choose a career and finding employment.

Teachers can ensure that their students who are visually impaired are provided with career education opportunities in their schools, given appropriate jobs in the classroom, encouraged to do chores at home, and exposed to as wide a variety of occupations as possible.

Orientation and mobility (O&M) instructors, vision rehabilitation therapists (also known as rehabilitation teachers), low-vision professionals, technology instructors, and other professionals can help visually impaired people with task-oriented behaviors and attitudes, organizational skills, and other components of a productive work ethic. In the vocational rehabilitation process the rehabilitation counselor and job placement specialist need to help visually impaired consumers engage in focused career exploration and job-finding activities.

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New! Orientation and Mobility Techniques, Second EditionNew! Orientation and Mobility Techniques, Second Edition

New! Orientation and Mobility Techniques, Second Edition

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