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Low Vision Optometrists

Low vision optometrists are specially credentialed individuals who have earned their Doctor of Optometry degree (O.D.) and who have also received additional clinical training in functional aspects of low-vision. Lighthouse International lists comprehensive low-vision services as:

  • Functional vision examinations
  • Instruction to help patients adjust to, and reap the maximum benefits from, optical devices
  • Trial-period loans of low vision devices
  • Recommendations for adaptive devices that reduce glare, as well as for special lighting, large print material, video magnifiers, and adaptive computer technology
  • Prescription of low vision optical devices
  • Follow-up care as needed, including additional low vision instruction and training
  • Introduction/referral to other vision rehabilitation services

Low vision optometrists work in a number of settings: hospitals, vision rehabilitation agencies, private optometric and ophthalmologic practices, and educational and university facilities. They may belong to the American Academy of Optometry.

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