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Goals of the Twenty-First Century Agenda on Aging and Vision Loss

A group of committee members gather outside in the sun to converse and drink coffee.

To address the goals of the 21st Century Agenda on Aging and Vision Loss outlined below, AFB staff help to facilitate the goal teams. We have formed a steering committee made up of champions to manage goals. The steering committee meets quarterly to discuss measurable objectives each goal group has developed and goal committees meet regularly to discuss updates and accomplishments for the activities each goal group has been assigned. All members convene at a special session during the AFB Leadership Conference.

Goal One: Funding for Services

  • Activities: This group advocates for additional funding for the Older Individuals who are Blind program via meetings with their Members of Congress.
  • Champions: Paul Saner, Commissioner, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind and Chair, NCSAB Independent Living Committee
  • AFB staff liaisons: Mark Richert & Pris Rogers

Goal Two: Ensuring Availability and Quality of Professional Services

  • Activities: Pay Scale, Training Qualified Staff, Scholarships, OT Training, Best Practices, and Curriculum
  • Champions: Marlene Snow, Elly Du Pré, Beverly Berg
  • AFB staff liaisons: Pris Rogers & Neva Fairchild

Goal Three: Collaboration Across Service Delivery Systems

  • Activities: Maximize resources for tackling critical needs (e.g., transportation, employment, living skills)
  • Champions: Elaine Welch, Debbie Cook, Ed Lecher
  • AFB staff liaison: Megan Dodd & Rebecca Sheffield

Goal Four: Funding for Low Vision Devices

  • Activities: Goal Four welcomes the introduction of H.R. 2050, a bill to provide for a Medicare demonstration project to evaluate the fiscal impact of covering low vision devices as durable medical equipment under part B of the Medicare program, and will work toward the passage of this important legislation for all people with low vision, especially seniors. The American Council of the Blind is leading this reintroduction to the Medicare bill.
  • Champions: Tony Stephens (ACB)
  • AFB staff liaisons: Neva Fairchild & Mark Richert

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