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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss

Help Us Expand Braille and Technology Literacy

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For the 25 million Americans with vision loss, it's essential to know how to read, write, and use assistive technology in order to fully engage with the world. AFB is partnering with Lions Clubs International to increase literacy and access to learning resources through their Reading Action Program. You can help us make literacy a reality!

Help Children Thrive in School

girl reading braille with her teacher's help

Learning braille in the classroom

Astronaut, doctor, scientist, poet, or president...a child's dream should always be within reach. But for thousands of children living with vision loss, these dreams fade away far too quickly. Many students with visual impairments lack access to critical classes and educational tools. To promote and ensure delivery of high quality special education and related services to students with visual disabilities, our current priority is the Anne Sullivan Macy Act, dedicated to helping children learn braille, assistive technologies, and other life skills that ensure a more level playing field.

In collaboration with the National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments (NAPVI), AFB's FamilyConnect Program offers a virtual lifeline to parents of children with vision loss. We provide information and resources, and host an online community where families find support, comfort and help.

How You Can Help

Ensure Adults New to Vision Loss Can Continue to Read

older woman learning to use a magnifier and task lighting to read

Finding the right tools to continue reading

An estimated one in six people aged 65 and older, and one in three people aged 85 and older, has some degree of vision loss. With the graying of our population, more and more people cannot read a prescription bottle, pay bills, operate a stove, or move around safely in their home or neighborhood.

Loss of vision can mean loss of independence and lead to a serious decline in quality of life. For adults losing their sight, one of the greatest concerns is no longer being able to read. Literacy is a key to personal independence and access to information.

With today's technology, however, there is a lot less to fear. Large print books, magnification tools, braille, audio texts, and a constantly growing number of products will allow you to continue to read everything from the morning paper to the latest bestseller to a monthly phone bill.

How You Can Help

Expand Access to Technology

woman demonstrating the use of a video magnifier to smiling client

Demonstrating the use of a video magnifier at the AFB Center on Vision Loss

Technology revolutionizes life for people with vision loss in the classroom, the workplace and at home. However, technology literacy rates remain low among people with visual impairments. To address this problem, AFB's Professional Development Center provides technology training for service providers who work with individuals with vision loss.

In addition, many of today's critical devices remain out of reach for people with vision loss due to accessibility barriers. AFB works to remove those barriers. Our Tech team evaluates mainstream and assistive technology products and collaborates with companies such as Apple, Canon, and Whirlpool to ensure their latest products meet the needs of blind and visually impaired consumers. In particular, the AFB Tech team has worked with partners such as Marshall University, the VA Medical Center in Atlanta, and Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System to take on the task of making small screen displays readable for people with visual impairment. Contrast (the distinct differential between light and dark) of digital display screens on cell phones, calculators and personal medical testing devices is, more often than not, insufficient for people who are visually impaired. What may seem like sufficient contrast for a person with 20/20 vision is most likely inadequate for people who report having difficulty seeing.

How You Can Help

Support AFB

We are thrilled to work in partnership with Lions Clubs International to promote braille and assistive technology access to people with vision loss. Support of our programs and services enable AFB to advocate for the rights and interests of people with vision loss, and to provide resources for everyone affected by blindness or visual impairment—senior citizens, parents, families, friends, and professionals in the vision loss field. Thank you for your support of the American Foundation for the Blind.

Visit the LCI website to learn more about the organization's vision resources and Reading Action Program.

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Help Make Drug Labels Safer

Help make prescription drugs safe for people with low vision. Support our Rx Label Enable Campaign today.