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AFB Tech Staff

Darren Burton

Darren Burton

Darren Burton, Director, AFB Tech. Darren has extensive technical and practical experience in product evaluation. His exemplary track record has been established with companies such as Adobe, Apple, AT&T, and Canon, where he quickly became known as a top-notch product evaluator who can quickly home in on critical accessibility issues and offer the most efficient solutions. Darren has a B.A. in Business Administration.

Lee Huffman

Lee Huffman

Lee Huffman, AccessWorld® Magazine and Technology Information Editor. Lee has established an impressive track record in the evaluation of video magnification devices, screen magnification software, and mainstream device interfaces for persons with low vision. His numerous product evaluations can be found in AFB's online magazine AccessWorld®.

He has also published articles in the Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness. He works on AFB's project to develop research-based guidelines for the design of small screen displays and presents progress of this work at national and international conferences. Lee has a B.A. in Communications.

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