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FAQs for AER Members

The Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness (JVIB) became the official journal of the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER) in 2013. AER members may find the following information helpful about accessing their JVIB membership benefit.

Q. What does my subscription include?

AER members (except those in the Associate Member category) receive Individual Premium Subscriptions to JVIB as part of their membership benefit. Premium subscriptions include:

  • Access to all the formats in which JVIB is published, including HTML (that is, online), ASCII, and braille-ready (BRF) files, PDF files, and e-book formats as well—ePub for iPads, Nooks, smartphones, and most other e-readers, and Mobi for Kindle devices
  • Access to all JVIB issues back to 1999
  • A 10% discount on continuing education (CE) credits approved by the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP)
  • Free participation in special online learning events
  • The ability to comment on JVIB articles and converse online with authors and other readers
  • The option to receive e-mail alerts concerning their designated areas of interest.

Q. How can I access my JVIB subscription?

To access your subscription to JVIB, please go to the login page for the Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness on the AER website, then enter the user name and password provided by AER. Once logged in, select the "Resources" tab, then "Publications" from the drop-down list, and finally "Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness." The "Access your subscription to JVIB" link will bring you to the Table of Contents for the current issue. Call or e-mail AER at 703-671-4500 or, if you need assistance.

Q. Whom do I contact if I have any difficulties, need help, or forget my username or password?

For questions about your JVIB subscription and any other questions about your AER membership benefits, please contact AER, who will assist you with your username and password for AER's website. Call or e-mail AER at 703-671-4500 or As a JVIB subscriber, you'll have the ability to set up a separate username and password for a My JVIB profile, which will give you access to certain special features, such as e-mail alerts. If you set up such a profile and need help, just contact JVIB customer service at

Q. How do I create a personal profile so I can earn CEs, comment on articles, and receive JVIB targeted e-mail alerts?

First, log in to the Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness from the AER website, then enter the password provided by AER. Next, select the links for JVIB, which will bring you to the table of contents of the current JVIB issue. In the upper right area of the JVIB homepage is a link that reads My JVIB; select it, then follow the instructions to create a My JVIB profile. As a subscriber with a My JVIB username, you can earn CEs, comment on articles, and use the My JVIB webpage to sign up for targeted e-mail alerts.

Q. I'm visually impaired. Will I be able to access my JVIB subscription?

Yes! JVIB online and all its contents are designed to be fully accessible—including the PDF and e-book versions of the journal. A rule of thumb regarding JVIB electronic formats is, If your device is accessible, you can access JVIB.

Q. I'm a braille reader. Will I be able to read my JVIB subscription in braille without having to transcribe it myself?

Yes! Every issue of JVIB is prepared in a web-optimized braille-ready format. BRF files are included as part of your membership subscription. Since January 2016, JVIB has been transcribed into Unifed English Braille (UEB).

Q. Are there other ways that I can read JVIB besides on my computer? What are my options for accessing my JVIB subscription?

JVIB can be read on a variety of mobile devices, not just a desktop or laptop computer. You can read the journal on your e-reader, smartphone, or assistive technology device. Having access to online JVIB through a mobile device means that you can have more than 12 years of JVIB issues at your fingertips, wherever you are. Reading the journal as an e- book on your e-reader is very similar to the experience of reading a print issue of JVIB. You can also download the BRF files to your notetaker if you use one and read JVIB on the go.

There are also options for print lovers. You can simply log in when a new issue of the journal is posted and download an all-in-one PDF file. You can then print the file and read it at your convenience.

Q. How will I know when a new issue of JVIB has been posted, or released online?

JVIB will alert AER headquarters when a new issue is posted, and as a member you will receive an immediate e-mail notice from AER. You can also become JVIB's friend on Facebook and be the first to know when a new issue is available, along with other news about the journal.

Q. I read something in JVIB that I would like to comment on in a formal way. How do I do that?

JVIB loves when our readers talk back to us. Comments and Letters to the Editor are welcomed and encouraged. Please send your thoughts to the journal's editor in chief at In addition, you can use the journal's comment-on-this-article feature by setting up a username and password when you create a MyJVIB profile.

Q. My AER chapter/division is having a conference. How do I get it included in the JVIB Calendar?

JVIB is very pleased to have AER members as subscribers once again, and we want to include all the news and information that AER members need. Please send your news and calendar information to

Q. My AER chapter/division would like to advertise in JVIB. How do we do so?

Questions about advertising in JVIB should be directed to In addition, information on advertisements and advertising rates can be found online.

Q. I'd like to submit my original research and practice to the journal for peer review and possible publication. How do I do that?

Manuscripts can be submitted to the journal's editors at Before submitting any work for publication, prospective authors may find it helpful to read "Steps to Publication: Guidelines for New JVIB Authors." In addition, the latest JVIB Calls for Papers can also be found on the website. Other information and instructions can be found in the For JVIB Authors web area.

Q. What devices can I use to read JVIB?

Your JVIB subscription is available in a variety of formats: Online, and in e-book, ASCII, and braille-ready files. The journal is stored in the cloud, and therefore can be read with any Internet browser. You can read it on your computer, or on any mobile device that connects to the Internet, such as an Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet.

JVIB e-book and other files can be downloaded onto your personal e-reading device or your computer. The journal's e-book files in ePUB file format are used by almost all e-readers, including Apple iOS devices (such as the iPad, iTouch, or iPhone), the Nook, the Sony Reader, and Kobo readers. The JVIB e-book can also be read by a Victor Reader Stream with a SoftPak update and by Adobe Digital Editions software on your computer or laptop. JVIB's e-book files in Mobi format are for readers who use Kindle devices. Mobi files can also be read using Kindle for PC software.

ASCII is a plain text format that can be downloaded onto any device that reads text, including devices using screen-reading software. JVIB's text-only files contain narrative descriptions of tables, figures, and photos.

BRF files are formatted to produce braille and can be downloaded onto any braille-reading device.

Q. What if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about JVIB that are not related to your AER membership, please contact us at

Thank you, and enjoy your journal!

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