Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

Volume 100Special Supplement



The View from the Crossroads of Public Health and Vision (Re) habilitation--John E. Crews, Corinne Kirchner, and Donald J. Lollar, print edition pages 773-779


Seize the Moment! Establishing Vision-Related Rehabilitation and Access in the Nation's Public Health Policy Agenda--Corinne Kirchner, print edition pages 780-792

Community Services, Needs, and Resources in Visual Impairment: A 21st Century Public Health Perspective--Anthony F. Di Stefano, Kathleen M. Huebner, Missy Garber, and Audrey J. Smith, print edition pages 793-805

Taming the Beast: Measuring Vision-Related Disability Using the International Classification of Functioning--Gerry E. Hendershot, Paul J. Placek, and Nanette Goodman, print edition pages 806-823

Double Jeopardy: The Effects of Comorbid Conditions among Older People with Vision Loss--John E. Crews, Gwyn C. Jones, and Julie H. Kim, print edition pages 824-848

The Low Visibility of Low Vision: Increasing Awareness through Public Health Education--Rosemary Janiszewski, Shelly L. Heath-Watson, Adrienne Y. Semidey, Arlen M. Rosenthal, and Quynh Do, print edition pages 849-861


An Illustrative Roundup of Public Health "Subsystems": Introduction--Corinne Kirchner, print edition pages 862-863

Building Inclusive Physical Activity Communities for People with Vision Loss--James H. Rimmer, print edition pages 863-865

Emergency Preparedness--Matthew Sapolin, print edition pages 865-867

Diabetes Management and Visual Impairment--Susan V. Ponchillia, print edition pages 867-871

Adequacy of the Mental Health System in Meeting the Needs of Adults Who Are Visually Impaired--Amy Horowitz and Joann P. Reinhardt, print edition pages 871-874

The Complexities and Connectedness of the Public Health and Aging Networks--Alberta L. Orr, Priscilla Rogers, and Judy Scott, print edition pages 874-877

Indian Health Services: Creating a Balance Between Federal Legislation and the Vision Care Needs of Sovereign Nations--Irene L. Topor, print edition pages 877-880


Editor's Page--Duane R. Geruschat, print edition page 770

Guest Editor's Page--Corinne Kirchner, print edition pages 771-772

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