Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

August 2002 • Volume 96Number 8




Assistive Technology Needs in Public Libraries: A Survey—Colleen B. Eggett, print edition page 549


The Views of Students with Visual Impairments on the Support They Received from Teachers—Sophie Chien-Huey Chang and James Schaller, print edition page 558

Social Skills

Enhancing the Social Interaction Skills of Preschoolers with Visual Impairments—Tana D’Allura, print edition page 576

Nonverbal Intelligence

Testing Nonverbal Intelligence of Working-age Visually Impaired Adults: Evaluation of the Adapted Kohs Block Design Test—Juliet M. V. Reid, print edition page 585

Research Report

Self-Perceptions of Visually Impaired Children Aged 3-10 in India—Beula Christy, Shanimole, and Rishita Nuthetie, print edition page 596


Editor’s Page, print edition page 547

Errata, print edition page 600

From the Field, print edition page 600

News, print edition page 602

Calendar, print edition page 604

Classified, print edition page 608


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