Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

September 2002 • Volume 96Number 9




Employment after Vision Loss: Results of a Collective Case Study—Adele Crudden, print edition page 615

A Qualitative Analysis of Employers' Experiences with Visually Impaired Workers—Karen E. Wolffe and Anthony R. Candela, print edition page 622

Predictors of Job-Seeking Behavior Among Persons with Visual Impairments—Robin Leonard, print edition page 635

Supporting the Transition of Visually Impaired Adults to Employment: European Union Innovations—Archie W. N. Roy, Kate Storrow, and Robin Spinks, print edition page 645

Research Report

Employment Patterns of Older Workers with Visual Impairments—Brenda Cavenaugh and Priscilla Rogers, print edition page 655

Practice Reports

Strategies for Enhancing the Business Enterprise Program—Kelly Schaefer and J. Elton Moore, print edition page 659

Employment Barriers: Access to Assistive Technology and Research Needs—Stacy E. Butler, Adele Crudden, William K. Sansing, and B. J. LeJeune, print edition page 664

Community-based Services for Deaf-Blind Consumers: A Successful Rehabilitation and Vocational Model—Eugene Bourquin, John Mascia, and Susan Rusenski, print edition page 668

Strategies for Employing Older Workers with Visual Impairments—Marie Simpson and Priscilla Rogers, print edition page 672

Matching the Needs of Visually Impaired Job Seekers with the Goals of For-profit Companies—John Zamora, print edition page 676


Guest Editorial, print edition page 611

Book Review

A Practical Guide to Accommodating People with Visual Impairmentsin the Workplace, reviewed by Anthony R. Candela, print edition page 678

Technology Notes, print edition page 681

From the Field, print edition page 686

News, print edition page 690

Calendar, print edition page 692

Classified, print edition page 696

JVIB thanks J. Elton Moore, Ed.D., CRC, research director, Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision, Mississippi State University, and associate editor, JVIB, for his scholarship and commitment as guest editor for this special issue on employment.

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