Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

October 2002 • Volume 96Number 10




Experiences of Older Adults Who Stopped Driving Because of Their Visual Impairments: Part 3—L. Penny Rosenblum and Anne L. Corn, print edition page 701

Orientation and Mobility

The Target-Route Map: Evaluating Its Usability for Visually Impaired Persons—Arne Harder and Rainer Michel, print edition page 711


Self-determined Recreational and Leisure Choices of Individuals with Deaf-Blindness—Lauren Lieberman and Moira Stuart, print edition page 724

Research Report

Graduates and Current Students in Leadership Programs in Visual Impairments—Anne L. Corn and Susan Jay Spungin, print edition page 736

Practice Report

A Group Intervention for Visually Impaired Grandparents—Carolyn Gutman and Keren Jaffe, print edition page 741

Around the World

Brailled Kanji: The Hasegawa Approach—Kalyan Dasgupta, print edition page 743


Editor’s Page, print edition page 699

Speaker’s Corner

The Most Difficult Decision: How to Share Responsibility Between Local Schools and Schools for the Blind—Phil Hatlen, print edition page 747

From the Field, print edition page 749

News, print edition page 756

Calendar, print edition page 757

Classified, print edition page 760


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