Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

February 2003 • Volume 97Number 2




Collaboration Between Special Schools and Local Education Agencies: A Progress Report—Kim Zebehazy and Elizabeth Whitten, print edition page 73

Mathematics Testing

Use of the Talking Tactile Tablet in Mathematics Testing—Steven Landau, Michael Russell, Karen Gourgey, Jane N. Erin, and Jennifer Cowan, print edition page 85


“Imagine”: Relaxation and Guided Imagery with People Who Are Deaf-Blind—Carole R. Gothelf, Jerry G. Petroff, and Jennifer W. Teich, print edition page 97

Research Report

The Importance of Shared Communication Forms—Susan M. Bruce, print edition page 106

Practice Report

A Case for Increased Training in the Nemeth Code of Braille Mathematics for Teachers of Students Who Are Visually Impaired—Gaylen Kapperman and Jodi Sticken, print edition page 110


Editor’s Page, print edition page 67

Speaker’s Corner

Cannibalism is Alive and Well in the Blindness Field—Susan Jay Spungin, print edition page 69

From the Field, print edition page 113

News, print edition page 117

Calendar, print edition page 121

JVIB Peer Reviewers, print edition page 122

Classified, print edition page 128


Important Information About a Growing Population

Solutions for Everyday Living for Older People with Visual Impairments

Alberta L. Orr and Priscilla Rogers

Solutions for Everyday Living presents a positive and helpful view of how older people who have lost some or all of their vision can live independent and satisfying lives within supportive environments. This engaging video shows how staff members in continuing care communities and assisted living settings for older people can help residents function as independently as possible.

Solutions for Success: A Training Manual for Working with Older People Who Are Visually Impaired

Alberta L. Orr and Priscilla Rogers

Solutions for Success is a new curriculum intended to help caregivers recognize vision loss and to provide valuable information and techniques for ensuring that older individuals live as independently and safely as possible. With the knowledge offered in this manual, readers can help an older person regain self-confidence and self-esteem.

Solutions for Everyday Living (VHS) 0-89128-852-X $59.95

Solutions for Everyday Living (PAL) 0-89128-853-8 $59.95

Solutions for Success (paperback) 0-89128-859-7 $39.95

Solutions for Success (ASCII disk) 0-89128-865-1 $39.95

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