Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

October 2003 • Volume 97Number 10


Special Issue on Technology


Technology Trends

In the Palm of Your Hand: A Vision of the Future of Technology for People with Visual Impairments—James R. Fruchterman, print edition page 585

Information Technology

Information Technology and Universal Design: An Agenda for Accessible Technology—Jim Tobias, print edition page 592

Principles and Concepts for Information and Communication Technology Design—Ray Adams and Patrick Langdon, print edition page 602


Wayfinding Technology: A Road Map to the Future—Douglas Baldwin, print edition page 612

A Haptic Glove as a Tactile-Vision Sensory Substitution for Wayfinding—John S. Zelek, Sam Bromley, Daniel Asmar, and David Thompson, print edition page 621


Wired to Work: An Analysis of Access Technology Training for People with Visual Impairments—Karen E. Wolffe, print edition page 633


Teachers' Perceptions of Using the Mountbatten Brailler with Young Children—M. Cay Holbrook, Anne Wadsworth, and Mike Bartlett, print edition page 646

Practice Reports

The Miniguide: A New Electronic Travel Device—Jeremy Hill and John Black, print edition page 655

Speech-Assisted Learning Provides Unique Braille Instruction—Sally S. Mangold, print edition page 656

A Pilot Course in Teaching Skills for Assistive Technology Specialists—Anthony R. Candela, print edition page 661


Guest Editorial, print edition page 579

Speaker's Corner

The Future of Intelligent Technology and Its Impact on Disabilities—Ray Kurzweil, print edition page 582

From the Field, print edition page 667

News, print editon page 670

Calendar, print edition page 671

JVIB thanks Lawrence Scadden, Ph.D., president and CEO, Scadden Consulting, and former senior program director, National Science Foundation, Program for Persons with Disabilities, for his scholarship and commitment as guest editor for this special issue on technology.

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