Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

November 2002 • Volume 96Number 11



Reading Rates

The Effects of Practice with Prescribed Reading Glasses on Students with Low Vision—Janice K. Smith and Jane N. Erin, print page edition 765


Coping with a Visual Impairment Through Self-investigation—Toos van Huijgevoort, print page edition 783

Distance Education

Preparing Vision Specialists at a Distance: A Qualitative Study on Computer-Enhanced Learning—Janice Neibaur Day and Joan P. Sebastian, print page edition 796

Practice Report

Social Acceptance of Adolescent Mainstreamed Students with Visual Impairments—Katherine Owen Peavey and Debra Leff, print page edition 808


Editor’s Page, print page edition 763

From the Field, print page edition 812

News, print page edition 815

Calendar, print page edition 817

Classified, print page edition 823

Errata: In the From the Field section of the July 2002, Volume 96, Number 7, issue of the Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness (JVIB) , Susan Jay Spungin was listed as the past vice president of the World Blind Union's (WBU) North America and Caribbean Region. Dr. Spungin should have been listed as the current vice president for the North America and Caribbean Region of the WBU.

The figure captions for the article, “Variables of the Touch Technique That Influence the Safety of Cane Walkers,” by Raoul M. Bongers, Roelof Schellingerhout, Roland van Grinsven, and Ad W. Smithsman, published in the July 2002, Volume 96, Number 7, issue of JVIB, were listed incorrectly. The caption for Figure 1 should have been listed as, Graphic representation of the three measures derived from Blasch et al.’s model. Percentage coverage (A/(A+B))*100, and the caption for Figure 2 should have been listed as, Schematic overview of the idealized touch-technique measures. A = cane length, B = sweep width, C = stride length, D = hand height, E = wrist offset; (F/G)*100 = arc offset, H = tip height, I = angle between the cane and the floor.


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Visual Impairment in the Schools (3rd Ed.). Published 2000, 262 pages. Randall K. Harley, G. Allen Lawrence, LaRhea Sanford & Rebecca Burnett. $47.95, cloth ISBN 0-398-07014-8. $34.95, paper ISBN 0-398-07015-6 (displayed).

Your Eyes (4th Ed.). Published 2000, 140 pages. Thomas Chalkley. $24.95, paper ISBN 0-398-07048-2.

Deafness and Vision Disorders: Anatomy and Physiology, Assessment Procedures, Ocular Anomalies, and Educational Implications. Published 1999, 520 pages. Donald D. Johnson. $77.95, cloth ISBN 0-398-06945-X.

Working With Visually Impaired Young Students: A Curriculum Guide for 3 to 5 Year Olds. Published 1998, 208 pages. Ellen Trief. $38.95 spiral (paper) ISBN 0-398-06875-5.

Social and Cultural Perspectives on Blindness: Barriers to Community Integration. Published 1998, 220 pages. C. Edwin Vaughan. $46.95, hard ISBN 0-398-06854-2. $31.95, paper ISBN 0-398-06855-0.

Communication Skills for Visually Impaired Learners: Braille, Print and Listening Skills for Students Who Are Visually Impaired (2nd Ed.). Published 1997, 322 pages. Randall K. Harley, Mila B. Truan & LaRhea D. Sanford. $72.95, hard ISBN 0-398-06692-2. $51.95, paper ISBN 0-398-06693-0

Contact Lens Practice (4th Ed.). Published 1998, 1040 pages. Robert B. Mandell. $95.95 cloth ISBN 0-398-05509-2.

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