Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

March 2003 • Volume 97Number 03




A Comparison of the Economic Status of Working-Age Persons with Visual Impairments and Those of Other Groups—Andrew J. Houtenville, print page edition 133


Counseling Theory as a Tool for Vocational Counselors: Implications for Facilitating Clients’ Informed Decision Making—Bonnie E. Ryder, print page edition 149


Strategies Used by Visually Impaired Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments to Manage the Visual Demands of Their Professional Role— Sandra Lewis, Anne L. Corn, Jane N. Erin, and M. Cay Holbrook, print page edition 157

Research Report

Using Distance Education for Families to Improve Children’s Braille Literacy—Joseph Ray Harrison, Clayton Gregory Cooch, and John Alsup, print page edition 169

Practice Report

The Use of Fresnel and Ophthalmic Prisms with Persons with Hemianopic Visual Field Loss—Ana M. Perez and Randy T. Jose, print page edition 173


Editor’s Page, print page edition 131

Book Review

Art Beyond Sight: A Resource Guide to Art, Creativity, and Visual Impairmentreviewed by Mary Jean Sanspree, print page edition 177

From the Field, print page edition 179

News, print page edition 182

Calendar, print page edition 184

Classified, print page edition 189


Advocacy—Everyone’s Responsibility—Mark Richert, print page edition 192


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