Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

May 2003 • Volume 97Number 5


Low Vision

Providing Access to the Visual Environment: A Model of Low Vision Services for Children—Anne L. Corn, Jennifer K. Bell, Erika Andersen, Cynthia Bachofer, Randall T. Jose, and Ana M. Perez, print edition page 261

Visual Input and Orthographic Knowledge in Word Reading of Children with Low Vision—Marjolein Gompel, Neeltje M. Janssen, Wim H. J. van Bon, and Robert Schreuder, print edition page 273

Social Skills

The Effects of Assertiveness Training on Enhancing the Social Skills of Adolescents with Visual Impairments—Young-il Kim, print edition page 285

Research Report

Haptic Exploration and Mental Estimation of Distances on a Fictitious Island: From Mind’s Eye to Mind’s Hand—Florentino Blanco and David Travieso, print edition page 298


Guest Editorial, print edition page 259

Book Review

A Matter of Dignity: Changing the World of the Disabled, reviewed by Deborah Kent, print edition page 301

From the Field, print edition page 304

News, print edition page 308

Calendar, print edition page 312

AER-Waves, print edition page 317

Classified, print edition page 320


Charles C Thomas

Publisher * Ltd.

P.O. Box 19265

Springfield, IL 62794-9265

* Jones, Carroll, J.—EVALUATION AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING OF STUDENTS WITH DEAFBLINDNESS AND SEVERE DISABILITIES: Sensorimotor Stage. (2nd Ed.) ’01, 288 pp. (8 x 10), 1 il. 62 tables, $45.95, (spiral) paper.

The special education area of deafblind severe disabilities is a highly specialized area involving a close working relationship among medical and educational professionals. In this book, author Jones presents a very complete package of information for the educator of children with severe disabilities. The book includes detailed diagnostic information so that the teacher will understand the physical, mental, social, and educational status of the student. The materials allow the teacher to plan for skill development based on the specific deficits of the child in relation to the skills needed. The main features of this new Second Edition remain to provide a teacher-training text and resource volume for teachers and other professionals serving not only students with deafblindness and severe disabilities but also children of any disability functioning within the sensorimotor stage of development. The new edition also provides, under one cover, theoretical background information, medical information, diagnostic information, and specific instructional information for classroom teachers and related service professionals to use in determining functional abilities for program planning and writing IEPs, collecting data to monitor IEPs, and ideas for hands-on materials that teachers can create and use for instruction in their classrooms. Each chapter begins with a brief outline, discusses background medical information and theory; discusses evaluation, diagnosis, programming, and IEP monitoring; and ends with a summary. Also included are the new research and developments in the field and an expanded view of motor skills. Tables have been reformatted at the back of each chapter. A major addition to this text is the focus on "Snoezelen" which includes developing a Snoezelen resource room, designing the room with placement of special materials, and specific ways of using the Snoezelen room and the sensory stimulation materials for relaxation, leisure, and enjoyment.

* Harley, Randall K., G. Allen Lawrence, LaRhea Sanford & Rebecca Burnett—VISUAL IMPAIRMENT IN THE SCHOOLS. (3rd. Ed.) ’00, 262 pp. (7 x 10), 37 il. $47.95, cloth, $34.95, paper.

* Chalkley, Thomas—YOUR EYES. (4th Ed.) ’00, 140 pp. (7 x 10), 18 il. $24.95, paper.

* Johnson, Donald D.—DEAFNESS AND VISION DISORDERS: Anatomy and Physiology, Assessment Procedures, Ocular Anomalies, and Educational Implications. ’99, 520 pp. (6 3/4 x 9 3/4), 29 il. (16 in color), 76 tables, $77.95, cloth.

* Carter, Betty Woerner—I CAN’T HEAR YOU IN THE DARK: How to Learn and Teach Lipreading. ’98, 226 pp. (8 x 11), $36.95, spiral (paper).

* Vaughan, C. Edwin—SOCIAL AND CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES ON BLINDNESS: Barriers to Community Integration. ’98, 220 pp. (7 x 10), 6 tables, $46.95, hard, $31.95, paper.

* Trief, Ellen—WORKING WITH VISUALLY IMPAIRED YOUNG STUDENTS: A Curriculum Guide for 3 to 5 Year Olds. ’98, 208 pp. (8 x x 11), 25 il. $38.95, spiral (paper).

* Harley, Randall K., Mila B. Truan & LaRhea D. Sanford— Braille, Print, and Listening Skills for Students Who Are Visually Impaired. (2nd Ed.) ’97, 322 pp. (7 x 10), 39 il. $72.95, hard, $51.95, paper.

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