Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

November 2003 • Volume 97Number 11




Wired to Work: A Qualitative Analysis of Assistive Technology Training for People with Visual Impairments—Karen E. Wolffe, Tony Candela, and Gil Johnson, print edition page 677


Compensatory Analysis and Strategies for Balance in Individuals with Visual Impairments—Michael Horvat, Christopher Ray, Vincent K. Ramsey, Tanya Miszko, Roger Keeney, and Bruce B. Blasch, print edition page 695

Practice Reports

Using the Braille Lite to Study Foreign Languages—Gaylen Kapperman and Jodi Sticken, print edition page 704

Using the Braille Lite to Produce Mathematical Expressions in Print—Gaylen Kapperman and Jodi Sticken, print edition page 710

A Conversion Tool for Mathematical Expressions in Web XML Files—Nobuyuki Ohtake and Toshihiro Kanahori, print edition page 713

Research Report

Effects of Mobility Training on Gait and Balance—Vincent K. Ramsey, Bruce B. Blasch, and Aiko Kita, print edition page 720


Guest Editorial, print edition page 675

From the Field, print edition page 727

News, print edition page 730

Calendar, print edition page 732


Hushed-Up Heresies and the Need for Honest Discourse—Mark Richert, print edition page 736


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