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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss  

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Practice Report — JVIB Extract

Since Practice Reports do not have abstracts, we have provided an extract of the beginning of the text.

Extract: Telehealth clinical applications, which allow medical professionals to use telecommunications technologies to provide services to individuals remotely, continue to expand in areas such as low vision rehabilitation, where evaluations are provided to patients who live in rural areas. As with face-to-face low vision rehabilitation, the goal of clinical video telehealth is to help patients cope with a loss of vision, as well as accept and recognize challenges and provide skills to maintain independence and safety, and to prevent depression. Important aspects of implementing clinical video telehealth are increasing access, building capacity, saving time, and decreasing travel costs for patients and providers in several clinical specialties. Reducing barriers to care is achieved through telehealth by enabling patients to avoid traveling long distances when they feel they are unable to drive safely or when they rely on family or friends for transportation. The purpose of this article is to illustrate the development, need, and benefits of establishing a low vision clinical video telehealth clinic, and to increase access to low vision rehabilitation among the aging population with vision loss.

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