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Support group

I am also thinking of starting a support group in my area because we have none. I am open to suggestions on how to ger started and what uou think of this idea

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Re:Support group

Just wanted to let you know that when you get started, you can contact with any questions or requests for information you and your group may have.

Also, you may print our material from AFB's website for the purposes of your support group. Go to the bottom of the page and click on "printer-friendly format" to eliminate the side panels. If you go to the VIEW menu on the toolbar and scroll down to Text-Size and choose Largest, the page will print out with larger type.

Congratulations and good luck!

Re:Support group

How are you coming along with your group and is the group near Edward Hospital? I'm new to the blind and VI community and could use some help finding others in my area. Thamks!

Re:Support group

Hi. I am also wanting to start a support group in my area. Do I need any certifications in order to do this?

Re: Support group

hey guys, i recently worked with a partially sighted person. i really enjoyed working with her, and now id like to run a support group for young people who are blind or partially sighted. i was wondering if you could give me any feedback on support groups you have been to, and activities you've done that you would recommend. also, are there specific things you would not like in a support group? any advice would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

Re: Support group

I am new to this site, I have a 7 month old and she has ONH and I'm just trying to find parents dealing with the same.

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