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Please help make my dream come true

Hello I am a new Young Adult author. I am completely blind and feel it's crucial for my series to be made available in audio so that people like me can enjoy it too. I have recently started a Kick Starter project to try and help fund the project. The money raised will help cover the cost of the first two books in the series. I only have until the first of November to raise the money. Any pledge or donation would be tremendously amazingly appreciated. Pledges can be as low as a dollar, as much as you are willing to offer. If I don't reach my goal I receive no money whatsoever and your money never leaves your hands. In return, there are really cool prizes and rewards for your generosity. So it's really a win win situation. You will be helping a fellow person in the blind community and getting something really great in return. Please visit the link below and gibe my very heart felt request consideration. It's worth it, it really is. I just need a little help to make this dream a reality.

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Re: Please help make my dream come true

Hello everyone. I am Christopher. I use to be here a few years ago but forgot about this website. But, I'm back. Everything is going good and I am finally in 12th grade in high school,. I know I'm off topic, but I forgot how to use this website.

Re: Please help make my dream come true

Hey, Christopher, good to hear from you again! You could try the "Water Cooler" area, that's a good place to go to just say hello. When you're reading a series of posts, just hit shift-tab until you get to the link that says

Message Boards

and hit enter on that one. Then, you could use headings to get to Water Cooler, or any other topic.

Re: Please help make my dream come true

Oh, sorry, I should have mentioned TeenConnect, too. That one is at

Re: Please help make my dream come true


Congrats on being in the last year of High School! How exciting! I'm glad you've decided to come back to the message boards. I'm not a pro with it either, but if there's anything I can do to help, I will sure try. :)

Re: Please help make my dream come true

So I just clicked the link to see if my wallet could withstand a donation, and I noticed you've met your goal? Congratulations! As a great lover of fiction, especially fanticy and sci-fi, it's truely amazing to me to see, metaphorically, a blind author get her books translated into audio. Please send me a link when they get released.

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