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social security question for SSI

Does any one have knowledge about ssi? Is it true that a legally blind person who is married to a sighted person who is retired cannot get ssi benefits because the husband received his social security benefits? The social security office in Oregon tells me that I cannot get any ssi benefits even though, I am legally blind.

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Re:social security question for SSI

Did the Social Security office tell yo7 why they were refusing your claim?

You are only allowed to collect one kind of social security at a time, so if you are receiving any other kind of Social Security that would disqualify you.

SSI claimants may only have limited assets - for 2005, you may only own assets worth $2,000 (individual) or $3,000 (married couple). Could this be the reason they turned you down?

If you can’t get a good reason for denying you benefits, you might want to talk to your Congressman/
Congresswoman or one of your Senators. They would at least be able to get some answers.

Hope this helps.

Re:social security question for SSI

I am applying for SSI benefits. Social Security tells me that Oregon has a limit for individuals and married couples. For married couples, a spouse can only receive per month 900 and the other partner cannot be entitled to benefits, even though he/she are blind.

Re:social security question for SSI

You always have a right to appeal the decision and I would definitly ask more about why!

but ssi is suplemental security income and perhaps that is why your spouse makes too much?

Re:social security question for SSI

I've heard that if you've been on ssi and get a job that you'll have to pay back a dollar for every two you earn.

Re:social security question for SSI

yes i am on ssi now, wondering if i die now at 62 years old, my wife who is 57, would she get anything, i get full ssi now at what i would get at full retirement . i worry she will get nothing, please help

Re:social security question for SSI

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Re: social security question for SSI

Yes you can receive benefits if you are legally blind. More info:

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