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Learning to live with this disability....

Hello to everyone that is adjusting or has lived with this condition.
My story is I was born 44 yrs ago 3 mos premature when they did not cover the babies eyes and the oxygen that the babies received damaged the retna.
I started wearing glasses at the age of 5.
I've worn contacts since I was 16. I started having problems at the age of 37. I developed my first cataract in my left eye. The story goes downhill from there.
4 years later the opthomologist seemed to think I had a detached retna.
After a corrective surgery that went bad I no longer use the eye for vision, It floats to the left most of the time.
My only functioning eye is starting to diminish, I know I have a cataract developing and believe that I could have a problem with corrective surgery.

This disability has scared me. I'm afraid of losing my vision 100% and being stranded and not knowing what to do.

Nonetheless, this is a big step with me admitting that I have this disability and can no longer function like I used to. I used to pick up and be on the go just to do something. I no longer drive for pleasure, it's only out of source of an emergency.

So in closing I look forward to coming on line and saying hello to everyone.

Viola from San Diego

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Re:Learning to live with this disability....

Hi Viola. I am in a simular situation. Always had bad vison because of what happerned while I was in my birth persons body and when I was 13 I started to wear contacts and when I was 20 I had trouble with my new pair and went in and was diagnosed with Reagors Open Angle Glaucoma and numerous tests which revealed other problems. I went to many specialists because at that time little was known or done for the conditions I had, The specialists gave up and informed me that they didnt want to treat me anymore so for a while I stopped going. I suppose I got fed up with the lack of knowledge and patience of the doctors I gave up also. I learned to function on my own till about 5 years ago and met my glorious hubby who pushed me into going to vocational rehab and they referred me to a great doctor and even though there isnt much they can do he still gives me the meds I need to keep the pressure down some. I lost my right eye about 3 years ago and my left is fading fast. I just went in for a check up and they found more blindness in my left so it wont be much longer till it is dark also. This whole process has spanned almost 30 years now.
I cant say it was easy because it wasnt. You have to go through all the stages of acceptance before you can start learning mobility and you can do most things as a sighted person just a little different
DONT ever give up and keep on plugging. You can still be active and feel like your living. There will be struggles and those days you want and need to have a pity party but just dont let it happen often.
You have to keep going out and experience the world. get mobility training and Braille. Learn living processes so you can learn how to label and sort things. Learn what agencies are out there in your area to help you get eqiupment and tools for these things. There is so much out there to help us run a house and write checks.

Re:Learning to live with this disability....

Hey, well, I can't entirely relate, because I lost my sight at a much younger age, but I do know how scary it is. But I know you'll make it through. I can tell you're a strong person. Just keep pusihing on. That's all we can do. And hey, its great to hear from another southern Californian. I'm just north of you in orange county.

Re:Learning to live with this disability....

Hey Viola,
I also lost my site at a young age so I can't full understand, but I lost a little bit of the sight that I had for about two months wich was 10 over 300 in my left corner of my left eye. The eye doctor doesn't even know how to measure what I've got. You see I was run over by a U.P.S. truck at the age of 6 in 79. So what I've got isn't much but I'm happy with it.
Keep on being strong, if you want to talk my email is or i m at
Later Brent

Re:Learning to live with this disability....

Im in the same boat. I lost my right eye when I was thirteen. It never really bothered me because I had 20-20 in my left. However, as I aged I seemed to develope a lazy eye in my blind eye..which caused me some insecurities ..that I am still dealing with today.
Keep your chin up and Know God still has a plan!!

Re:Learning to live with this disability....

I totally agree with whats been written here. Thank you for providing and sharing the post.

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