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The Blind Perspective

One of the characters in a story I am writing is blind. Not being blind myself, I would love to start communicating with someone who is completely blind to ask some questions. I want to write this character well.

As I said, I am completely ignorant to what is like to live blind, and am hoping to find someone patient enough to let me ask some questions.


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Re:The Blind Perspective

I am blind, but am not copletely blind. The vision in my left eye is 20/690. My right eye, I can't see anything.

Re:The Blind Perspective

I have a lot of questions about guide dogs, (How common are they? What breed are they usually?"), and writing systems (what methods and how they are used)

Re:The Blind Perspective

I don't have any experience with guide dogs. For writing, there is something called a BrailleNote and a lot of blind people use talking computers.

Re:The Blind Perspective

Hey, before I answer anything in detale, I was curious as to why you're putting a blind charector in your story? I'm completely blind and I have a duide dog. There are many things a blind person can us to write, I'll give you names of things and you could look them up. Humanware makes braillenotes and other assistive devices, Freedom Scientific makes pac-mates and jaws, and APH makes braille lights I think. Labs are the most common breed for guide dogs.


Re:The Blind Perspective

i am completely blind have had a couple guide dogs and am training to teach others how to use assistive technology and will answer question as long as i am comfortable with the types of questions you ask. if you still need answers my email is:

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