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my name's SALIH i live in algeria,i'm seeking correspondence with new freinds.
O o

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Hello, my name is Sarah and I am from Southern California.


hi, I am new on the board and thought I would stop and say hello. I am in Oregon. USA

It's Rey

I'm Rey I'm visual impair and have barely any sight left Lost my sight a while back and looking for friend as well I'm in the westcoast send me a email . you too thrill monster so we can get to know each other .@
anybody who is looking for a friend hit me up


Joy, joy, joy. Such pure joy. Joy and happiness for us all.


Hello I am a 28 year old sing mom who is totally blind. I am writing from Washington. I would love to get to know other blind and low vision people. Hopefully we can chat via Email and of course on this message board. I would love for all of you to check out my blog Playing The Blind Card. It's a site meant to add humor and inspiration to blindness. There are funny stories, lists, a pole to vote on, inspirational stories, useful information and soon to be much more as time moves on. It would be wonderful to have fellow blindys comment on my posts and share their prospective and to click the follow link to show their support of a blind person. After each post there is also a reaction box where you can choose a selection based on what you thought of each specific post. If you have trouble subscribing to the site please let me know and I can walk you through it. My Email is

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