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seeking relationship with blind girl

I met a girl on a site thats been blind since birth and i took a immediate liking to her,and my heart went out to her.i like the idea of
helping her at the same time.Well that fell through but the thought remained.I enjoy helping people.She had been blind from birth and that broke my heart.But there`s technology thats being tested that will enable blind people to gain some site w/o surgery.This is just a few yrs away.If anyone would like to get to know me my e-mail address is

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Re:seeking relationship with blind girl

Hey man, I too am very interested in the prospect of meeting a blind women. I being only 19 years old and a soldier in the Army isnt very accommodating towards that goal unfortunately. Although one thing you said kind of felt... off? You mentioned a few times that you like to "help" them... I havnt even met a blind person but to be honest I dont think that anyone likes the thought of someone wanting to spend time with them because they think they need the help. Just some food for thought.

Re:seeking relationship with blind girl

As a blind woman I agree with the soldier that replied to this. It's nice that you like to help us but most are more than capable of doing things without help. It can be a bit of a turn off when people want to befriend me just because I'm blind. I respect people that are nice to me bcause they like ME not my disability. Good luck to you

Re: seeking relationship with blind girl

Ya nikki u r absolutely right, and the soldier also. i m also wnt to meet and help a blind girl. Plz if anybody have some information about any blind girl. plz feel free to contact me on my email id:-

Re: seeking relationship with blind girl

Hi. My name is Sam. I'm a 24 year old blind girl. If you want to meet other blind people I'd recommend joining a yahoo groups e-mail lists. There are many. Just go to yahoo groups and type "blind" into the search box.

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