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Social Networking Site.

I know that there has already been a discussion on a new Social Networking Site for the blind, which is called Blindnation, and it has gotten quite a response, but I have been there and so far it is not so great, but they are working on it. But before I even knew that it existed, I have been thinking about a Social Networking Site for the blind and everyone else. So, my question to everyone on this site, what do you think about another Social Networking site for us and everyone else on the net? I would love your feedback on this subject, so please give me what you think. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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Re:Social Networking Site.

there's one already for blind people and everyone, called Facebook. Also there's this site but the thing's that they all are from India

Re: Social Networking Site.

I agree. It would be nice.

PS. Re: Social Networking Site.

Facebook, in my opinion, is anti-blind at the moment.

Re: Social Networking Site.

I also think that would be a good idea to have a new social site.

Re: Social Networking Site.

now i use and for the most part it is really accessible, now i can not tell if someone is wanting to chat with me so i installed instant bird that i run when i am on facebook to chat with my facebook friend but i can also just open instant bird to chat if i do not want to browse on facebook.
it would be really nice to have a social network that is toatlly accessible for the blind, one you do not have to use 3rd party software to chat with friends on your social network.
one that would give you some audible sound to let you know that someone is wanting to chat with you. facebook does not do that at least not for me. so that is why i have to use instant bird to chat with facebook friends.

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