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Meeting Sighted People

Hi Everyone,
my name is Chris and I was born blind. Unlike many others, I don't hage any vision. My family is great and they've always integrated me into all of the activities and expectations of the family.
I've always been around and had a lot of sighted friends and boyfriends. However, since graduating college, my cicle of friends and acquaintances doesn't seem to have grown much.
Since I'm generally always with a sighted guide, I feel like men may feel hesitant to approach. My sister is constantly trying to set me up but I9d like to make connections with others on my own.
any suggestions or tips?

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Re:Meeting Sighted People

Hi Chris,

I know that the old saying "Just be yourself and people will like you." isn't always easy to believe. However, it does seem to work if you let go of any expectations. I have found that people are just naturally attracted to someone if they are laid back and don't get pushy. I know that it sucks to feel like everyone is looking at one's disability. The best cure I have found is to just relax and don't expect anything to happen romantically every-time I meet someone. Hope this helps in some small way.

Re:Meeting Sighted People

Thanks for the reply.

I think I'm probably frustrated with myself for never being an initiator as opposed to meeting people. I guess sometimes it feels as if people decide to seek me out as opposed to me seeking somone out. I guess that's another issue.

Re:Meeting Sighted People

Well I am a legally blind black man living near Sacramento , I don't know if you have a type or not, but I would love to chat at least and see if we have something other than blindness in common. My name is Alfred, and here is my e-mail, I hope I'm not being too forward,lol.

Re:Meeting Sighted People

Hello. My name is Kristen, and I don't have any vission either. I have had some experiences with meeting sighted people, and I will be one to tell you it isn't easy. Many are afraid of me because I use a cane, or they just point because they don't understand why I carry a cane. I have some sighted friends, but my closest sighted friends have some sort of disability. And now that I am out of high school and halfway through my first year of college, I have found it hard to make friends in the dorm where I live and outside of the dorm. I feel what you are going through.

Re:Meeting Sighted People

Hi Alfred,
thanks for your reply. It's always nice to make new friends. I do live in Southern California and I don't travel independently so anything other then correspondence pals is probably not realistic.

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