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Christian female looking for fellowship.

Hey! Hope your day is going well. I just wanted to see if there might be someone that might be interested in hanging out with a fellow believer. I'm longing for the real deal, are you? If so , I'm that person. I'm not perfect just forgiven. Hope to hear from you soon. God bless.

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Hi I'm rey

hello how are you I'm 23 yrs of age and looking for women to pen pal with. my email is

Hi its Rey

I'm looking for a women I'm 23yr of age hispanic about 5'6 musclar and in the california are. I have trouble finding women to go out with because of my vision lost. I live in a small town where the Blind community is is limited. hope to hear from you my email is I can provide a pic and number . .

Re: Christian female looking for fellowship.

Hello Nikki, my name's Ricky, and I'd love to be your friend. I'm not religious, though I'm politically quite conservative, thus meaning that I believe in many of those principles taught by Christianity. If you'd like to chat, please feel free to email me at:

Re: Christian female looking for fellowship.

Christian guy here.

Re: Christian female looking for fellowship.

God Bless! fellowship as in what? i will be a mentor or pen pal or friend or what ever you need. my name is Kenneth paton... my family / freinds call me kenny or k.p.... i use to be very bad.. gangs.. drugs... crime... now i am about to start college to be an anesthesiologist... but i have 18 months left of incarceration... i am 20 years old.. cute.. funny ... and love God! ;)

Sighted funny and loving girl looking for a nice blind guy to talk to :)

I'm 17 and I'm a fun loving person ..quite interested in music and arts. You may ask yourself why would I want to date a blind guy ? well my answer is quite simple, I can only fall in love if your personality is what I'm looking for.I judge people not because of the appearances but with their points of view towards things, their understanding of life .. You see I've been friends with so many blinds cause I can see through them and I ve been told that I can understanding how they feel. I hope you'll be inetrested :)
My email is :
Lot of love,Wissal.

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