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Hi Everyone,
I had a difficult day yesterday. A friend and I were discussing her grandfather's memory loss which led to this philosophical conversation regarding memory and if it's defining to who we are and so on and so on.

In trying to imagine how I'd cope with a failing memory I started to panic. I'm not yet thirty but the idea of not being able to remember led me into this state of anxiety. I never really thought about it before but my work memory is what allows for any independence I have.

Has anyone else worried about coping with memory loss?

Sorry for the ramble and thanks for listening.


Later on I tried to imagine howhow I'd cope if my memory is allows for

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hi; i believe memory absolutely plays a part in who we are. All the learned behaviors as we grow up, assessing what reactions were appropriate and effective for any
actions; prior experiences, remembering how people react to your actions, it all blends into who we become.
Even merely mimicking behavior is memory-based. If you've ever studied Cognitive behavior, or psycho analysis, Id/Ego/Superego, morality, however you want to label it is not inate. No matter how much we want to think it is, it is all learned behavior. We have of course instincts, but they are all predicated towards survival. When it comes to the formation, and retention of knowledge or learned behavior, i was always fascinated with the concept of the tabula rasa.
The pre-event weighing of our actions, the difference between "right and wrong" are memory-based results of being taught.
The fortunate thing is, that in most cases, mental coordination/development is a lot like training your body. "use it or lose it. obviously this is a general rule, Diseases and brain trauma not withstanding; everyone has diferent gifts, some people just don't have the memories of others.


I have a super powerful memory. I couldn't imagine losing it, I wouldn't remember anything.

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