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blogging need help and connections

Hello I wanted to tell you all about my blog Playing The Blind Card. It's goal is to bridge the gap between the blind and the sighted through the outlet of humor and inspiration. It's only been up for three weeks but it's going pretty good so far. I have already had over five hundred hits. Unfortunately though I am not sure how many of those are actually blind or low vision viewers. I am asking for you to check it out, comment and click the follow link to be updated via e-mail when new stuff is added. Also and the main point of this message is to try and find someone that is familiar with blogging, HTML codes, gadgets, website lingo, etc... I hope if you are out there you will allow me to pick your brain so I can make my site even better. I would really appreciate it. We can chat either by phone or e-mail which ever works best for you and I do text as well. Below my name I will list the address to my site and hope to connect with you all there soon!

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