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Would this look just fine if I did this?

When I try to cut ham or chocolate chip pancakes with a knife when I eat out.
It is hard for me to cut them.
So it is easy for me to cut them with a pizza cutter.
But if I brought a pizza cutter with me.
Would they like it or not if I was using my pizza cutter than their knifes?

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Re: Would this look just fine if I did this?

Who cares what they like or dont, they should have better silverware. They are there to serve you, and with me working in the restaurant business I personally wouldnt be offended at all.

Re: Would this look just fine if I did this?

You can use whatever the heck you like. It is your adaptive implement if you want to get technical about it. Now, will it look weird? Yeah, honestly, it will. You will look like a weird blind person. But, you will look more compitant than if you requested they pre-cut it in the kitchen. You will look cleaner than if you tried with a standard knife and got pieces of food all over your clothing. You would look a lot les slobby than if you picked it up with your hands. So, would it look "blind"? yes, but if it is the lesser of many evils, then go for it. This being said, if you are trying to make a good impression on a date or a new friend, just don't order the problem foods, and get some easily forkable food or some finger food. Once you are accepted by them and you have made a friendship or romantic connection, then by all means, break out your pizza cutter. Also, practice at home and maybe you will no longer need the pizza cutter in time. If the knife is a butter knife and a steak knife works better, then ditch the pizza cutter and just ask for a steak knife. It will be a little weird, but far less weird than the pizza cutter. I hope this helps. When I used to date, now I am maried, I would always avoid ribs, spagheti and other really messy foods, and once I knew the person better I'd allow myself to get sticky rib fingers and the occasional flipped spagheti sauce mark on my cheek, but at the beginning it is necessary to put our very best impression forward. I hope this helps.

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