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In need of help

Hello, I recently started a blog and am trying to make it accessable to people who are blind or have low vision. I want to eliminate the captcha or "text in the box" security complication. It is a good feature to have to avoid spamming but is difficult for blind people even when given the audio captcha option. I like for instance how this site does it. Does any one know how to accomplish this?

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Re:In need of help

I love the way Afb does this, I wish all sites did this instead of captchas then it would be accessible, but still protect from spammers.

Re:In need of help

usuable audio captchas are fine as long as you find a good one. I heard a company that used a bunch of asian that sounded like they could not speak english and well, that was hard.

Re:In need of help

I completely agree that audo captcha does not always cut it. I personally hate audio capcha and sometimes shy away from forms all together that have captcha because I can never understand the audio they think is so accessable. And Thrill Monster I know what you mean. I totally love this sites captcha and want so badly to incoorporate it to Playing The Blind Card (my website). I hope that an AFB staff member reads this and responds so I can utilize the useful feature for my readers.

On a side not: Thrill Monster, you spoke on another post about loving sky diving and bungy jumping. I was wondering if you would be interested in letting me interview for my blog. I think you are a perfect example of not letting blindness get you down. Please Email if you are interested in chatting. I'll leave my address below.

Re:In need of help

Hi Nikki; I work in IT support for a major bank.
We had an issue a few years ago where Jaws was picking up Java code, that was hidden visually based on the control element that was used. I can't remember what the situation was but could research it for you. I'm wondering if this accident in our coding, could b used for what you are describing. If you don't care that it's visible, but only need it to be audible, it'd be perfect. If you need both, then it wouldn't work.
Let me know.

Audio captias

My issue with audio captias is that I can't hear them well. There is too much background noise, which is probably the point of the captia in the first place, but still. I love the way this site does it. Why can't the world do that? Hmph. Haha.Re: In need of help

Re: In need of help

I also cannot stand audio capchas.

I had to have my nephew come and help me to completely sign out of my Facebook account because I could not understand the stupid thing.
I think this Web site is awesome

Re: In need of help

now there is a plug in that only works for fire fox which is called webvisum, it will solve the captcha for you now it does not work for other browsers, but i have used it in the passed and had good success. the website is
you will have to register to download the plugin. i hope this helps those on this group.

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