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online phone book

Hi is there a online phone book?
So you enter the state and the town you are looking for.
After that you enter the name you are looking for.
Then it gives you the address and phone number.
So will there be a website that can do that.
If so it would be very good for the blind to get the same information just as the sighted.

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Re: online phone book

There are dozens of such sites. Put "online phone book" into google.

Re: online phone book

Thank you for that information.

Re: online phone book

There's also Exact Contact, which is more along the lines of a personal organizer. I have used it before and it works well. It is quite accessible with both System Access and Non-Visual Desktop Access, but I've not tried it with the other screen readers. You can look up phone numbers, provided the entry is in there. Check it out at . It is free for personal use, but there is a cost associated for commercial use. Hope this helps.

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