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Grant Writing


Is there anyone out there who may have experience in grant writing? If so, what type of training, or work experience qualifies one to become a grant writer? Are there many opportunities available in this arena?

I was told that I may possess some of the basic skills and background to consider getting into grant writing. Any information you can provide in this regard is greatly appreciated! -- JD Lewis

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Re: Grant Writing

I will tell you that I took a course on writing grants and such. But, I would say experience is the biggest thing. I would say a person should be a good technical writer -- plain and understandable language, not fluffy creative writing words for the most part (hope that makes sense). A person should be detail oriented and be able to read, understand, and follow instructions. A lot of grant writers will create files of boiler plate sections, as most grants ask for a lot of the same types of background information about an organization, non-profit status, financial process, and such. You typically have to write a description of the project including some kind of timeline possibly, and a budget. Grantors want specific outcomes and how an organization is going to measure progress and outcomes. What will the results be?

I am sure you can find books or online resources to help you learn a lot more. My belief, is that you don't have to be trained, but need to get out there and do it. You could look to some local organizations or charities to see if they will allow you to write some grants for experience.

Hope this helps. Wish you the best! Sorry about the delay.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re: Grant Writing

Hi Joe,

Thank you so much for shedding some light on the finer points of grant writing. Yes, this will be very helpful! I appreciate your taking the time to tell me about your experiences. Take care. -- John

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