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Braillenote question

I curently have a pacmate but may be switching to a braillenote. I have a ambicom wl54-cf wireless card. I know they work on version 7.5 but I was wondering if I could instal the driver for the card on a earlier version so I would not have to buy another card?

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Re:Braillenote question

It will also work on version 7.2. I upgraded my braillenote myself to make it version 7.5. I orriginally had 7.2, until I upgraded it.

Re:Braillenote question

Thanks so they will work on the 7.2 version? Are you going to upgrade to 8.0?

Re:Braillenote question

I don't know how, and I don't have my Sd card anymore because someone stole it.

Re:Braillenote question

I've heard they are up to version 8.0

Re:Braillenote questionHey can you please tell me some of the feature on vertion 8.0 I heard it had IM

Hey Seara how do you get an sd card

Re:Braillenote question

I ordered mz Sd card from


Re:Braillenote questionHi Seara whats up this Paulina how are you I told my Mom that i want to get a ethernet card for my BrailleNote so I can go online with it

do all of the wireless card that you have work with it

Re:Braillenote questionHi Paulina here i think you should get a BrailleNote i have vertion 7 and i think it so much better than my old one because of all of the features

O, is it true that version 7.5 has gps

Re:Braillenote question

It doesn't have gps. And I only have 1 card and it works great.

Re:Braillenote questionok thanks that cool what are you doing

is posted thanks


Re:Braillenote questionHey sorry that poste didn't make since because i don't type bery much

do any of you know how to order ethernet or wireless cards online or can even do that Paulina

Re:Braillenote question

I think I got my ambicom wl54-cf wireless from amazon.

Re:Braillenote questionHey auticy its Paulina how are you

thanks i will try googling that and get back to you what are you doing this weekend Paulina

Re:Braillenote question

I'm not doing anything this weekend.

Re:Braillenote question

What exactly is a braillenote?

Re:Braillenote question

A braillenote is a computer that pops up braille instead of print. It is way easier than Jaws or any screen reader.

Re:Braillenote question

That's cool!

Re:Braillenote questionwow

hey i hope you guys don't mind me asking how much can you see or do you have any vission at all i can have light perseption and can see shadows what about you all Paulina

Re:Braillenote question

In my right eye, I can't see anything. And in my left eye my vision is 20/400. I can see shadows colors and shapes.

Re:Braillenote question wow thats so cool

man i think your so lucky because i cant see anything out of my right eye anymore because of a really bad habit and i tried looking up on how to get an ethernet online but i didn't anything helpful what do think of my vission just curious Paulina

Re:Braillenote question

Hello Paulina, This is Elizabeth answering your questions. I am totally blind. I can't see out of bolth eyes.

Re:Braillenote questionHello Isizibith its Paulina I have a few totally blind i think its ok I don't think you can do anything Iam sorry if i spelled your name wrong and sorry if i have affended you Paulina

sorry about the tittle bing so long i didn't know that i was on the box sorry haha

Re:Braillenote question

I wish that I could see out of both eyes. St would be cool.

Re:Braillenote question

u said tht the braile note works better then any screenreader. ide hav to dissagree with tht. i hav an e71x its a knookeea cellphone. it has mobile speaks. its a atnt cellphone u cn do everything on it nd its easy to use. it works great. it even has mp3. its sooooooo much easier to use then brl note. sry thts just my opinion.

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