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Joe's idea

is anybody else really into this idea? i am! i think its awesome and would hellp out on resumes and stuff :) ive even started writing "my story" today, now that things arnt so crazy i think it would be so cool if we could actually get tthis to work :))

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Re:Joe's idea

I just want a phone system.

Re:Joe's idea

I have one.

Re:Joe's idea

I can promote the idea to other teens around the U.S. if you would like, it would also bring more users to your community on here.

I am sorry about the delay in responding, I am traveling at the moment. I will bring this idea up today with some teens to get some feedback.

Start working on your first piece and we can get this rolling.

Good luck!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:Joe's idea

okay cool! :)

Re:Joe's idea

im awsome with technoligy and ide love to share my knolage. i think the idea is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Joe's idea


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