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Hello everybody

Hi, It's been forever since I've posted. My life has changed so much and it's taken me a little time to get used to it. I'm still not completely kool with some of the stuff. Oh, for thoes of you that are wondering who this is, it's Alana. I changed my username.

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Re:Hello everybody

That's good. I got to meet a guide dog and his partner yesterday here at school. It's awesome knowing there is a guy with a dog on my campus, I can ask him so many questions. lol

Re:Hello everybody

Ya when I was in fourth grade I had a PE teacher go as far as to tell my mother that I was in fact sighted, and had been fooling both her and all the doctors for attention, my whole life. How was I supposed to do that as an infant? Well karma must have been in a really bad mood or something, because she went blind about a half a year later. Where do you live at Lindsay? It would be so trippy if I saw you at school or something. Kylee's ok, just chilling out.

Re:Hello everybody

Hi. I went skydiving at the beginning of the month. It was fun! How is Kylee?

Re:Hello everybody

You spelled my name perfectly
Anyways nothing much has happened they have been evaluating me for services at school and some one tried to make it seem like I'm crazy and it's going to blow up in their faces I found out that I hardly have a visual field left the other week and am going to hopefully get a diagnosis this month the schools driven me bananas overeverything anyways I am planing to finish off the semester and attend the school for the blind next year I figured since things have been changing so drastically why not learn somthing usefull I'm glad your doing well

Re:Hello everybody

HI Lindsay, sorry if I spell your name wrong, I can't remember if it's with an a or an e. Anyways I guess I've been allright. Since I've lost the rest of my vission I chose to go to a school for the blind so I've been learning how to use a laptop, it's hella hard. Has anything interesting happened in your life riecently?

Re:Hello everybody

It's good to hear from you again how have you been

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