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Hi. My name is Brittany and I have been singing and songwriting since I was about the age of 4. I am now the age of 12. Indeed a young child. I would like to have a chance in this career. I have been striving for this dream for a long time. I love it more than any career out there. I write my own songs and sing. The largest crowd I have sang in front of would be about 100 people. It was scary but I got through it. This is my real life dream and I want to get reconignized for the career I love best.

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Hello my name is morgan and I am 11 years old I know that it probably sounds bad and nobody would like to help me but I write songs and sing amazingly (or so says friends and family) I want to get out there but I can't cause I don't know how to. I need to now how so people can here my voice.
Help me get out there and live my dream and maybe someday in return I will help you with yours. Well sorry for wasting your time on reading my sappy note but I really do sing please don't allow my age to effect my voice.
thank you!
From a sad little girl, Morgan.


nobody has to read this but it is for Brittany!

scroll down to read...

Brittany I fell your pain I want to get out there and sing for the world I have been singing since I was 5 and now I am 11 I write and sing my own music and play piano. I am in choir at school for the past 3 years now. Well any way good luck and hopefully us young preteens will get out there soon...

love: some one who understands: Morgan!

Re: Singing/Songwriting

Try you record a song then you can email it to yourself and nake a demo for recording and talant agencies. Best of luck. Kristi

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